Born in a small suburb of Los Angeles, California, Alex Alvarado was exposed to beach life at an early age. While he initially hated going to the beach as a young child, by his teenage years, he began surfing and embracing the coastal vibes all around him. During this same time, while working on his school's newspaper, he picked up a camera for the first time and quickly fell in love with being behind the lens. It wasn't long before these two worlds, his passion for beach living and his passion for photography, met and started working in unison. Attending college on the East Coast, he has come to appreciate these two cultures even more and he jumps right back where he left off whenever he is home. 

Currently a senior at Boston College, Alex is majoring in Communications with two minors in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. Through his Studio Art minor, his portfolio has developed and matured as he experiments with new subject matters and methods of shooting. While he prefers shooting "old school" with 35mm film, especially his underwater 35mm Nikonos V, he has come to appreciate and understand all formats from 35mm to medium format to digital. After graduating, he hopes to move to the north of Spain or the south of France where he can use both his French and his Spanish. While he stretches his time thin between his schoolwork and his photography, he always finds time for a surf sesh when he can.